EOSC Weekly Report #63

10/07/2019 - 10/14/2019

Work Completed

1. Coordinated with the community to implement FIP#11.

2. Merged the update of EOSIO v1.8.1 with EOSC.

3. Reconstructed the code structure of EOSC Transaction fee to reduce the difference with EOSIO.

4. Organized EOSC Http RPC API design, integrated the EOSC-specific API, and maintained compatibility with EOS.

5. Collated EOSC state_history_plugin support plan , designed history_tool transplantation plan.

6. Fixed some EOSC Bug, completed key notes.

7. Designed EOSC voting incentive performance optimization plan.

8. Investigated EOSC sub-chain architecture solution and designed EOSC heterogeneous cross-chain framework.

9. Improve the support for EOSC Decentralized Budget System page.

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