EOSC Weekly Report #62

09/23/2019 - 09/29/2019

Work Completed

1. Coordinated with the community to plan EOSC v1.8.2 upgrade process and program.

2. Coordinated with the community to test the account freezing procedure and other functions on the test network.

3. Merged EOSIO v1.8.2 with Codex.io.

4. Merged EOSIO v1.8.2 with Codex.relay.

5. Optimized Codex fee mechanism based on the change of EOS v1.8.x structure.

6. Designed the support plan for Codex.io cross-chain verification.

7. Improved Codex.relay economy model requirements.

8. Designed EOSC voting incentive performance optimization plan.

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