EOSC Community News #80

02/17/2020 - 02/23/2020

1. The 15th EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting will be held on February 26, 2020(UTC+8) to elect the new term of the Secretariat and discuss community governance proposals.

2. EOSC Staking campaign launched on KuCoin’s Pool-X staking platform.

3. The 4th Secretariat of EOSC Mainnet released A Proposal for Adjustment of the Secretariat’s Salary, which proposed that the salary of the Secretariat is changed to be applied from the decentralized budget system.

4. The 1st Budgeting Committee of EOSC Mainnet released A Proposal to Adjust The Publicity Period of Budget System, which proposed that the publicity period of the decentralized budget system is shortened from 15 days to 7 days.

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