EOSC Community News #79

02/10/2020 - 02/16/2020

1. EOSC Mainnet upgraded to v1.8.3. As of Feb 14th(UTC+9), more than two-thirds of the nodes have completed the version upgrade.

2. EOSC Staking Campaign was launched on KuCoin, which supports EOSC users to participate in lock-up purchases from 20:00 on Feb 17th to Feb 18th(UTC+8).

3. The 4th session of Secretariat of EOSC mainnet released an announcement of registration for the 5th session of the Secretariat, inviting community members to actively register to make contributions to the community.

4. EOS ArcLight, the solution for EOSC light nodes customized for EOSIO is officially launched, which has good scalability and greatly reduces the difficulty of EOSIO development.

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