Sky.eosc and Awake initiated A Proposal to Destroy The Unactivated Genesis Accounts And Tokens

Proposal: A Proposal to Destroy The Unactivated Genesis Accounts And Tokens

Proposer: Sky.eosc, Awake

Time: Aug 13, 2019

EOSFORCE.IO is an EOSC mainnet based on EOSIO system, but launched in accordance with its own unique governance philosophy. At the beginning of mainnet launch, EOSC tokens was 1:1 mapped in accordance with EOSIO genesis accounts for community members with the same consensus to activate and claim for free, jointly building and prospering EOSC mainnet community and ecology. With more than a year of safe and stable operation, some EOSIO genesis users have actively activated the EOSC mainnet tokens and participated in the community and ecological construction. Through creating EOSC accounts, Some non-genesis users have purchased from the secondary market and participated in EOSC mainnet community governance and ecological construction. At present, the EOSC mainnet has been greatly improved in terms of the on-chain governance and underlying protocols, including improving the voting mechanism, adjusting the inflation rate, adjusting the secondary distribution, etc. EOSC has become another mature blockchain network of EOSIO system. And EOSC tokens officially got listed on the mainstream centralized exchange KuCoin, which is more convenient for buying and selling tokens in the secondary market.

At present, the new EOSC tokens mainly come from the additional issue by each block and the activation of the genesis mapped accounts. Each of the block issuance has been clearly defined according to the governance model. The annual inflation rate is 20% with corresponding additional issue allocation mechanism, and the treatment of unactivated tokens of genesis accounts has always been the focus of community discussion. In October 2018, the community had been discussing the tokens of unactivated genesis accounts for more than a month. In view of the fact that the unactivated mapping accounts did not participate in community governance nor make any contribution, the community adopted Unactivated Genesis Account Lockup Plan ProposalFIP#3 proposed by Awake, jiqix, EOSOU, and Walian, locking 80% of EOSC tokens of unactivated genesis accounts, keeping the activating right of the remaining 20% EOSC tokens, to encourage non-genesis users to participate in the EOSC community construction as soon as possible.

While after more than a year of operation, some genesis accounts still have not activated and claimed free EOSC. Correspondingly, some new members of the community recognize the EOSC consensus, actively purchase tokens from the secondary market and participate in community governance and ecological development. On the basis that the token mapping was only a token allocation model for EOSFORCE mainnet launch, the future community and ecological development will rely more on the consensus of existing members.

In order to balance the fairness of community governance, the following plan is proposed for the community and BPs to discuss.

  1. Destroy Unactivated Genesis Account LockupPlan Proposal FIP#3, 80% locked genesis accounts and their tokens.

  2. Destroy Unactivated Genesis Account LockupPlan Proposal FIP#3, 20% unactivated genesis accounts and their tokens.

  3. Once the above-mentioned destruction takes effect, the inflation rate of the new tokens in the future will be calculated based on the total amount of tokens after the destruction.

The above plan is just a proposal, which is going to be determined by the voting at EOSFORCE Mainnet BP Meeting.

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