Statute of The Secretariat of EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting

Chapter I Name

The Secretariat of EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of the Secretariat, the Management Committee and the Development Team, referred to as the Secretariat.

Chapter II Aim

The aim of the Secretariat is to coordinate community governance proposals, promote the proposals to take effect and maintain the consensus of EOSFORCE mainnet.

Chapter III Membership

  1. Number of members: The Secretariat is composed of BPs, the development team and community members.The number of members is tentatively set at 4, including 1 from development team and 3 from BPs.

  2. Membership and Election Rules: Anyone is eligible to apply for the membership of the Secretariat, which requires 2/3 of BPs to approve.

  3. Salary: Members of the Secretariat are entitled to a 10,000 EOSC/month salary subsidy, which can be subsequently revised according to community proposals.

Chapter VI Duty

  1. Positions and Duties: The Secretariat has 1 secretary-general and 3 deputy secretary-generals. 4 positions for meeting hosting, meeting organization, technical communication, and community communication have been set up. The specific job division shall be determined at the first meeting of the current Secretariat. The members must fulfill the rules and guidelines of this Statute and Eosforce Mainnet BP Meeting System.

  2. Duties of the Secretary-General: Coordinate and manage the daily work of the Secretariat; Organize and coordinate matters such as community governance, technical communication, and conference organization.

  3. Duties of Deputy Secretary-General: Responsible for their own work content; Organize meetings, collect community governance proposals, organize community discussions, coordinate the technical team development and organize nodes to complete the mainnet upgrade under the guidance of this Regulations.

  4. Application Process and Election Time: The application for the positions of the Secretariat shall begin in the first half month of the change of the current Secretariat. Anyone can apply for membership with the current Secretariat. The current Secretariat will submit the registration information to the BP meeting, and BPs will vote to elect the membership of next Secretariat.

  5. Term of Office: The Secretariat rotates for 3 months, with a maximum term of no more than 2 terms. Anyone can propose to remove the members of the Secretariat, which needs to be approved by 2/3 BPs voting at the BP Meeting.

  6. Restriction: For the facility of the community governance of proposals and the feasibility of communication on the chain, the Secretariat tentatively sets a quota for the development team, and subsequently adjusts or withdraws based on the community governance.

Chapter V Meeting

  1. Regular Meeting: The Secretariat shall hold weekly meetings to determine the work content and specific division of labor for this week. The specific meeting time is determined by the first regular meeting of the current secretariat according to the members.

  2. Monthly Meeting: The Secretariat shall hold regular monthly meetings to mainly summarize the work of last week and the work plan for the next month. The specific meeting time is determined by the first regular meeting of the current secretariat according to the members.

  3. Unscheduled Meeting: Members of the Secretariat have the authority to initiate an unscheduled meeting of the Secretariat and a BP meeting of EOSFORCE mainnet. The purpose of EOSFORCE Mainnet BP Meeting must be clarified in the announcement. The announcement and specific arrangements shall be published at least three days in advance to notify BPs and community members.

  4. Quorum: The provisional quorum of the Secretariat is 4, which is subsequently adjusted according to community governance.

Chapter VI Rules of Procedure

The Secretariat adopted the latest version of “Statute of The Secretariat of EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting” as the standard of the rules of procedure. Under the premise of not conflicting with the “EOSForce Mainnet BP Conference System”, the “EOSForce Mainnet BP Meeting System” is preferentially used to guide the operation of the Secretariat.

Chapter VII Amendments of the Regulations

The regulations can be amended at any EOSFORCE Mainnet BP Meeting. The amendments follow the rules of “two-thirds node voting” and must be submitted in writing before the meeting.

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