EOSC Community Will Test The Implementation of FIP#11 Freezing Proposal


EOSC community will test the proposal of “freezing the remaining 20% of the unactivated account balance based on the previous lockup for 80% of the account balance” in FIP#11 on September 24, 2019 (UTC+8). This test is conducted on the test network.

FIP#11: https://github.com/eosforce/FIPs/blob/master/FIP%20%2311.md

Based on different governance concepts, EOSC community started the EOSC mainnet at the genesis block height of 1 after optimizing the election mechanism of EOSIO. Through persistently upgrading EOSC mainnet, EOSC keeps developing into a decentralized high-performance smart contract platform, establishing the basis for the mass implementation of crypto economy.

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