EOSC Weekly Report #42


Work Completed

  • The relay chain’s transaction contract supported opening transaction pairs by mortgaging Token

  • The relay chain’s transaction contract supported accounting function for users’ custody fund and the function of deducting handling fee with tokens

  • The relay chain’s inflation model modified

  • Improved the fault BP punishment scheme of relay chain

  • FORCEIO merged EOSIO 1.7.x updates

  • EOSForce tested the version merged with EOSIO 1.7.x

  • Force-go reconstruction, p2p modules compatible with EOSIO, FORCEIO, EOSForce and other EOSIO isomorphic blockchains

  • FORCEIO relay nodes supported multiple EOSIO isomorphic chains

  • EOSForce, FORCEIO integrated development tool and eosio.cdt updates

  • FORCEIO.contracts adapted to cdt updates

  • FORCEIO modified the block extension data format to increase compatibility between chains

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