FIP#4 EOSFORCE Mainnet Inflation Adjustment Proposal

It is proposed that when the first version is upgraded after the adoption of this proposal, the inflation rate is controlled as follows:

1. Adjust the output of each block from 10 tokens per block to 3 tokens per block.

2.All fees are no longer included in the block-generating income and will be destroyed.

3.The tokens transferred to the BlockOne account is reduced in proportion.


  1. EOSC has a fixed amount of infaltion with a declining inflation rate indeed. In the case of increased votes, even if the inflation rate is not adjusted, the profits from the single-token vote have been reduced. If it is adjusted to 1-block-1-token directly, the voting rewards will be reduced too much, and the node reward will not cover the server cost.

  2. Too much reduction of rewards will result in a much lower income of the nodes, causing a decrease in the enthusiasm of users' voting and new nodes' joining. In the short term, it may even have a negative impact on the price.

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