EOSC Weekly Report #53

07/22/2019 - 07/28/2019

Work Completed

1. Designed a stability mechanism of EOSForce BPs with the implementation of counting statistical block-missing data and historical block-missing data.

2. Implemented fix-time voting function of EOSForce.

3. Added the API for getting chain setting information to EOSForce.

4. Added the API for getting Action Fee information to EOSForce.

5. Implemented the common Margin Contract of EOSForce.

6. Refined the startup script of EOSForce test net based on the recent modification.

7. Refined the new EOSForce system contract file.

8. Implemented the optimization of integrating Codex.IO and Codex.relay with EOSForce.

9. Refined the testing of Codex.relay transaction contract unit.

10. Refined the layout of Codex.relay Depositing & Rewarding Model and some related formulas.

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