EOSC Will Be Listed on KuCoin And Make A Distribution to Qualified EOS Holders


According to the announcement of KuCoin exchange, EOSForce (EOSC) project has reached the goal of the UpStake Program. At 18:00 on August 8, KuCoin will launch the project of EOSForce(EOSC), the first forked mainnet of EOS, and list the EOSC and USDT trading pairs.

In accordance with the latest community consensus of EOSC Mainnet, KuCoin will distribute the EOSC to the EOS holders who meet the snapshot conditions. The snapshot time is at 06:59:59 AM on June 2, 2018 (UTC+8). The distribution ratio is 1 EOS = 0.2 EOSC. Only accounts with at least 1 EOS at the snapshot time will receive the EOSC.

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