Statute of EOSC Decentralized Budgeting Committee

Chapter I Name

EOSForce Decentralized Budgeting System, shortened as “EDBS”. The members of EDBS are elected by BP and are in charge of managing and supervising the proposals of EOSC Decentralized Budgeting System.

Chapter II Aim

Aim of Budgeting Committee: EOSC Mainnet Management Committee aims to manage and approve the decentralized budget system proposals, monitor the implementation of the proposer and promote a fairer distribution of the decentralized budget system.

Chapter III Membership

  1. Membership: The initial membership of the management committee shall be 5 seats, there followed by 2 seats every six months with a maximum of no more than 23 members.

  2. Election Rules: Any individual or organization may run for membership of the management committee. The governing council is made up of the top 5 BPs according to the votes.

  3. Salary: 5% of all the adopted proposal fee is automatically paid into the account of management committee as the salary for the membership.

Chapter IV Duties

  1. Duties and Responsibilities: There are 5 members of the budgeting committee. 5 positions of Coordinate Committee, Technical Committee, Media Committee, Content Committee and Community Committee are set. Each position has specific job specifications and guidelines.

All proposals need the approval of more than two-thirds of the management committee to become effective. The management committee has the right to review and approve the decentralized budget system, but does not have the ownership. The ownership is owned by the system.

* Coordinate Committee: In charge of coordinating the daily work of budget system.

* Technical Committee: In charge of reviewing the technical development of the budget system and establishing the standards of the ecological development.

* Media Committee: In charge of the daily publicity and media activities of the budget system and media public relations maintenance.

* Content Committee: In charge of producing and publishing the content of the budget system, forming the content archive of the budget system.

* Community Committee: In charge of the communication and interaction between the EOSC budget system and EOSC community.

Chapter V Meeting

  1. Regular Meeting: The Budgeting Committee shall hold weekly meetings to determine the work content and specific division of labor for this week. The specific meeting time is determined by the first regular meeting of the current secretariat according to the members.

  2. Unscheduled Meeting: Members of the Budgeting Committee have the authority to initiate an unscheduled meeting.

Chapter VI Rules of Procedure

The Budgeting Committee adopted the latest version of "Statute of EOSC Decentralized Budgeting Committee" as the standard of the rules of procedure. Under the premise of not conflicting with the "EOSForce Mainnet BP Conference System", the "Statute of EOSC Decentralized Budgeting Committee" is preferentially used to guide the operation of the Secretariat.

Chapter VII Amendments of the Regulations

The regulations can be amended at any EOSFORCE Mainnet BP Meeting. The amendments follow the rules of “two-thirds node voting” and must be submitted in writing before the meeting.

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