FIP #16 A Proposal for Adjustment of the Secretariat’s Salary

Proposer: The 4th term of the Secretariat

In order to unify the budgetary expenditures of community governance and attract community members to take a more active part EOSC mainnet community governance, it is proposed that instead of being paid from the developer account, the salary of the Secretariat is changed to be applied from the decentralized budget system.

Remarks: 1.According to EOSC Mainnet BP Conference System, the Secretariat consists of one Secretary-General, two Deputy Secretary-Generals, and one rotating host. 2.According to Community Secretariat Compensation Proposal, each member of the Community Secretary receives 10,000 (10 thousands)EOSC as salary compensation each month. 3.Implementation starts at the 5th term of Community Secretary.

The 4th Secretariat

February 18th, 2020

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