EOSC Weekly Report #52

07/15/2019 - 07/21/2019

Work Completed

1. Transplanted the new EOSForce system contract of eosio.lock and eosio.msig.

2. Implemented the common assetage mechanism and unicode.

3. Added global voting state to display voting data and efficiency of optimization and execution.

4. Improved Ricardian Contract of EOSForce system contract.

5. Reconstructed the code of EOSForce system contract, adjusted the code structure.

6. Updated EOSForce system contract based on the new EOSForce economic model scheme

7. Cooperated with the community to update EOSForce mainnet to force-v1.6.0, preparing for the subsequent updates.

8. Cooperated with the community to test Codex cross-chain system.

9. Fixed the Codex.Relay problem reported in the testing.

10. Planned the development of EOSForce system contract according to FIP#7 proposal.

11. Designed the scheme of EOSForce fix-time voting, planned the update of compatibility mechanism.

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