EOSC Community News #87

04/13/2020 - 04/19/2020

  1. The 16th EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting was successfully held with Proposal for Introducing An Entrusted Foundation to Participate in The Governance of Budget System V2.0 voted through.

  2. The 5th Secretariat published Work Regulation for the Secretariat of EOSC Mainnet V1.0 to share experiences on the governance of distributed autonomous organizations with the public chain communities.

  3. The registration for the election of the 1st EOSC Mainnet Foundation was offcially started on April 16th, 2020(UTC+8).

  4. The project of Chain Legend/Artillery Action(链游传奇/全民炮战) developed by Chain.Game officially proposed a budget in the budget system, which is being reviewed at this stage.

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