EOSC Weekly Report #56

08/12/2019 - 08/18/2019

Work Completed

  1. Tested EOSForce new system contract, and prepared for the update of v1.7.0.

  2. Tested the merged version of Codex.relay, and fixed the compilation problem.

  3. According to the community feedback, added Action of revoting based on the unredeemed vote to the fix-time voting and current voting system contract.

  4. Added a temporary extension interval to support the system contract update.

  5. Collated the design plan of Codex.Relay new economy model , and updated Codex.Relay system contract accordingly.

  6. Tested the compilation of the upgraded EOSForce compiler version to merge with EOSIO v1.8.0 conveniently.

  7. Collated the new EOSForce system contract document.

  8. Reconstructed the codes of Codex.relay system contract according to the new cdt.

  9. Improved the support for the new feature of the wallet.

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