FIP#1 Eosforce Mainnet BP Conference System

To develop the conference system according to mainnet codes and BP Voting Mechanism.

Conference Purpose

To develop the conference system according to mainnet codes and BP Voting Mechanism.

Conference Holding

  • 2.1 BP conference is supposed to held monthly. An unscheduled BP conference is able to be held when the BP Meeting Secretariat affirms it is necessary or more than 1/6 of the BPs propose it.

  • 2.2 BP conference is organized by the BP Conference Secretariat.

  • 2.3 BP conference is held only when there are more than 2/3 of BPs to attend. BP candidates can be invited to attend the conference without voting rights (The 23 BPs with voting rights need to be confirmed according to the ranking before BP conference starts) .

  • 2.4 The BP Conference Secretariat is obligated to completed the following preparatory work 3 days before BP conference starts:

  • 2.5 Confirming the conference time and the agenda draft, notifying all nodes; Collecting the proposal of the conference; Other conference-related matters such as conference methods (video or on-site) , live broadcasting methods of the conference, conference types (regular or unscheduled). The unscheduled BP conferences do not apply to the above rules.

  • 2.6The conference host is rotated by each BP. Before each BP conference ends, the next conference host has to be confirmed (including BP candidates).

  • 2.7 During the period from the end of this BP conference to the next BP conference, the BP Conference Secretariat is responsible for reporting conference-involved matters to the rotating host node; during the rotation of the node, it is responsible for supervising the work of the Secretariat.

  • 2.8 Under the leadership of the Secretary-General, the Secretariat handles the matters delivered by the BP conference and the daily affairs of the conference. And the implementation of matters passed in the BP conference is also tracked and reported by the Secretariat. The Secretary-General of the BP conference is elected by the BP conference, and two Deputy Secretary-Generals are set in the meanwhile. The BP Conference Secretariat shall hold office for 3 months.

3.Proposal & Deliberation

  • 3.1 Each BP has the right to make a proposal within the decision range of the BP conference, and the rotating host node decides whether to include it in the meeting agenda. The rotating host node needs to initially review the completeness of the proposal and whether it is within the decision range of the BP conference.

  • 3.2 If the proposal involves professionalism and feasibility, the rotating host node or the Secretariat can seek the review opnions from eosforce or an expert team of the industry. At the same time, experts can be invited to attend the conference to deliver their opinions and accept the consultation from the BP conference.

  • 3.3 Before holding the BP conference, the rotating host node and the Secretariat can jointly decide to publish the important proposal to be submitted to the conference, widely seeking for opinions and submitting the organized opinions to the conference.

  • 3.4 If the proposal included in the agenda is requested to be withdrawn by the proposer before the conference, the deliberation on the proposal will end soon with the agreement of the rotating host node.

4.Proposal Discussion Mechanism

  • 4.1 The conference is hosted by the rotating host node, and the speaking right is appointed by the host. However, in addition to maintaining the rules, the host is not allowed to comment on the discussed content, nor summarize the statement of any speaker. Speakers need to raise their hands to apply for the speaking right from the host. The first one to raise hands (or according to the applicants) to make a statement first. The host must announce that “The representative of node or Expert , please make a statement” and make an agreement on the time limit. When there are several people applying for speaking, the host can appoint the speaking right according to the recorded order.

  • 4.2 When the rotating host node has to comment on the current proposal or evade due to the interest, a temporary host needs to be appointed to take over the hosting work until the voting of this proposal ends.

  • 4.3 All debates need to be conducted by the host. There should be no direct debate as well as mutual abuse or excessive language conflict between the participants. The host has the right to interrupt a overtime statement, or to reject speaking applications that exceeds the limit.

  • 4.4 Only proposals listed to the agenda can be discussed on the BP conference. The conference follows the principal that "propose first discuss later, no proposal no discussion, only discuss the current proposal". The conference should focuse on "whether the current proposal should be passed", and discussions that are not related to the current proposal can be stopped at any time.

Proposal Voting Mechanism

  • 5.1 The voting for the proposal, adhering to the codes of EOSForce offcial website, requires more than 2/3 of the BPs to vote through. Voting methods are including on-site hand raising, on-chian voting and other methods. However, each voting record of nodes with the voting right must be publicly recorded and published in order to comply with the transparent and open spirit of the blockchain.

  • 5.2 For the proposal listed to the agenda, if there is a big problem found in the deliberation to be further discussed, after the proposal of the host and the decision of the BP conference, it can be reviewed by the rotating chairman and the Secretariat and reported to the next BP conference. Or it can apply for the deliberation at the next BP conference.

Conference Publishment

  • 6.1 The result of the BP conference will be published on medias like EOSFORCE official website, forums and Wechat official accounts. In the future, the conference result will be cochained if available, so that it can be accessible and untamperable.

  • 6.2 BP conferences will be live broadcasted by video or text for public inspection.

This conference system will be implemented since Aug 17, 2018.

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