EOSC Community News #67

11/04/2019 - 11/10/2019

1. Cyborg was invited to attend the CoinEx Shanghai Meetup to discuss the construction of CET community and jointly promote the implementation of Blockchain DApps.

2. Cyborg made a speech of The Aspiration Competition between Libra and DCEP at the Blockchain Kinetics Forum in the Era of Array Economy hosted by B-LABS.

3. The EOSC community organized the first and third phases of the community theme sharing event, at which community members share and discuss current community hot topics.

4. EOSC has reached a preliminary ecological and wallet cooperation consensus with EOS Tribe and StartEOS.

5. The Awake Node developed an EOSC development tool for beginners, which facilitates developers to make contributions to open source community.

6. The EOSC team participated in the filecoin verification and got an early test qualification.

7. EOSC Founder Cyborg made a blockchain-themed speech at MXC’s Parallel Cities event.

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