EOSC Community News #71

12/02/2019 - 12/08/2019

1. The Secretariat of EOSC Maine BP Meeting released Statute of The Secretariat of EOSC Maine BP Meeting to coordinate opinions on community governance, promote the effectiveness of the governance proposals on the chain, and maintain the consensus of EOSFORCE mainnet.

2. The 8th meeting of The 1st EOSC Budgeting Management Committee (EDBS-1) was successfully held, and the budget system will be upgraded.

3. The founder of EOSForce Cyborg took an exclusive interview with Mars Finance, emphasizing that the main problem solved by blockchain is trust.

4. The co-founder of EOSForce Xiwu was invited to attend 2019 T-EDGE Conference and made an application sharing of “Blockchain Reshaping Enterprise Ecology-Blockchain Traceability”.

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