EOSC Decentralized Budgeting System Launched, Two Proposals Approved in the First Week


EOSC Decentralized Budgeting System has officially been launched and two proposals were received in the first week. The total amount of applied tokens is 650,000 EOSC. Users can visit the decentralized budgeting system through the official website to view details. The first EOSC Budgeting Committee has approved the two proposal, which has entered the public comment period. If there is no objection to the two proposals in the community, they will be implemented after November 3rd and November 5th respectively.

EOSC Decentralized Budgeting System is established to set an efficient governance mechanism for the blockchain community, aiming at giving a corresponding return to the users who make contributions to EOSC. Anyone who is willing to make a contribution to EOSC can initiate a proposal to apply budget in the system.

Access to EOSC Decentralized Budgeting System:

For PC: https://u.eosforce.cn/

For Mobile: Use Awake Wallet or Math Wallet. Log into EOSForce BP management platform in the app and enter the budgeting system in the upper right menu.

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